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Selected Works
Power Trip
Power Trip

Trump left these men behind. One man made it his mission to save them.

Alex Nabaum
The Wall Street Journal

With water in short supply across the country, it's time to take a serious look at recycling sewage

The Daily Beast

Whitey Bulger was the city’s link to a grander narrative. Paul Kix on the end of an era for Boston.

Matt Mahurn for The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe

Are they religious fanatics? Deluded ideologues? New research suggests something more mundane: They just want to commit suicide.

Illustration by Anna Parini
The New Yorker

How a travesty led to criminal-justice innovation in Texas.

Archive Photos_Moviepix_Getty Images

A tribute to a sincere and suffocating way of life.

Photo by Kennth Jarecke

Even after all his awful secrets came out, after he was sent away as a monster, Joe O'Brien held on to the craziest dream.

He would coach again.

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