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Episode 0: The Trailer

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Paul Kix: Hey, my name is Paul Kix. I’m a writer, editor, best-selling author and now a podcaster. My show is called Now That’s a Great Story and the idea behind it is to have on creative types – particularly writers. Journalists, authors, or screenwriters and to get them talking about their favorite piece of work or even a sequence or chapter of it as a way of understanding who they are. The show is sort of an audio excerpt but not really because it has bigger ambitions. As the artist and I discuss, say, the particulars of craft, we end up discussing who influenced them. And when we discuss influencers, we’re suddenly talking about the artist biography. And when we discuss biography, you the listener, start to get an image for the whole of the writer. Through a prism of a single piece of work Now That’s a Great Story will reveal an artistic world view. And it’ll do it twice a week. If you’re a student or aspiring writer, there are a lot of tricks of the trade to pick up from these interviews. There’s a lot of learn even if you’re an established writer but I didn’t create this podcast only to educate the audience. I created it to engage with and really understand these creative types – the people who inspire me. I hope you love listening to these interviews as much as I love doing them. So let’s get started.

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