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Sarah and I discuss the rawest chapter of her best-selling memoir, Blackout. One night on a magazine assignment in Paris, she drinks far too much with a friend, blacks out, then comes back into consciousness to find herself in a bedroom that is not hers, on top of a man she doesn't know. Afterwards, she politely leaves the room but her night is in no way over.

I've known Sarah for 15 years and her book—and this episode—is much like Sarah in real life: brutally honest, super intelligent, and always funny. She is performative in a way that is never grating, and when our conversation turns to craft and writers who've inspired her, she lists some of the same people who've inspired me: David Foster WallaceDave EggersChuck Klosterman.


I'm beyond thrilled to have Sarah sit with me for the debut of Now That's a Great Story.

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