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I like what Michele Rigby Assad said on Monday about the key to overcoming a presumed liability: Having more knowledge than anyone else. Today I talk about walking a not-at-all straight path to expertise about spies and saboteurs during World War II. The walk nearly ruined me and yet I'm so grateful for it.


This After Show picks up a narrative strain from an After Show a couple weeks ago, where I discussed an incredibly stressful period in my life. Today I focus on the single event that made that whole time so stressful. 


If you're one of those people who geek out on research methods, the notes for my books runs to 70 pages and gives an even fuller explanation than I do today about my research and reporting process. 


I'm of course partial to Robert's life story but Roger Landes' isn't bad either. He makes a brief appearance in my book. His own memoir is a lot of fun to read. 

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