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Now That's a Great Story
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Episode 29: Question for You

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Paul KiX:

Hello everyone, welcome to the after show for now that's a great story. On Monday. Ryan Holliday came on and I hope that you picked out how much enthusiasm I had for his book because Stillness is the Key, like The Obstacle is the Way, like Ego is the Enemy, these books have had a big impact on my life, and I was so happy to have them on because I'm hoping that they can have a big impact on yours. 


Frankly, one of the things that Ryan got me to start to consider is something that relates to just this podcast itself, and the ways in which I'm hoping to continue it. What I want to talk about today is just actually try to invite your feedback over the coming days and weeks, because I'm kind of beginning to stare down a crossroads. I love this podcast. I don't want to give up this podcast. At the same time, this podcast is supposed to serve the writing that I do. And right now I can see that it's beginning ever so slightly to infringe upon my ability to actually do the writing that I want to do. So, what I'm trying to figure out is at what frequency am I doing this podcast and one of the things I'm beginning to debate is whether or not I continue to do this: the After Show. 


It's something that would not solve a whole lot of my scheduling problems at the moment it's taking up just a few hours. All told, a week. Having Ryan on having him talk about the ways that you should try to be pleased, satisfied with what you have from a material perspective because then you actually have more riches than the richest man, and more acclaim than the most respected one. I love that but I think also within that is something that I tried to get out of the show itself which is for me I've always, always found a way to fill my schedule with more work. Now it's at the point where I don't know if filling my schedule with more work actually makes me happier, or if it's just something that has this insatiable desire. And if it's the latter then it's bad because this doesn't actually make me better. It just makes me crazy.


So here's where you can come in. Let me know on twitter @paulkix, email me at my website. Let me know if you are enjoying this after show what I'm trying to do is figure out; if I scale this back, if I cut the after show out of production entirely, what will that do to the podcast as a whole. 


Are you guys happy with just the interview? Do you get a lot out of this conversation as well? There's a few other things I’m considering about sort of mixing and matching concept of the actual show with the interview itself. Maybe going one week with the interview a second week we sort of my thoughts on that interview. I'm not so sure that that would work but I want to fully consider it. But I mostly want to turn it over to you. I've been really pleased with the growth of this podcast. It grew 40-some percent in the first month, 53% last month. In terms of its listenership, we're doing, we're doing well, right? We didn't start from a very big base but it's starting to find its audience and that just pleases me to no end. So I don't want to abandon any of this. I just want to find a way to fit it within my existing schedule and so I'm turning to you guys for help. 


Alright, that's it for today. I'm trying to take a lesson from Ryan Holliday and figure out when I've said enough, and to leave it at that. So, I'll leave it at that. I'll be back next week with another interview. Have a good weekend everybody.

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