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I'm an author, entrepreneur, and occasional podcaster. My writing has appeared in places like The New Yorker, GQ, ESPN, and The Wall Street Journal. My first book, The Saboteur, was a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon and optioned for a film by DreamWorks. My podcast, Now That's a Great Story, is all about how the world's best writers tell their favorites stories. I live in Connecticut with my wife, my mother-in-law, three children, and three old but still spunky pugs.

The Saboteur

Recent Podcasts

Episode 31:

Season (One) Greeting

DECEMBER 23, 2019

I talk about why I've decided to switch the podcast from a weekly format to a seasonal one. See you in 2020!

Episode 30: Kevin Alexander

november 25, 2019


James Beard Award winner Kevin Alexander talks with Paul Kix about the boozy and crazy story of Gabriel Rucker, the Portland chef at the heart of Kevin's book, Burn The Ice.

Episode 29: After Show

november 21, 2019

Paul Kix is asking his listeners a single question—and he wants your answers!

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