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Season 2 Trailer: The Process

*Transcripts are created using a combination of speech recognition software and human transcribers and may contain errors. Please check the corresponding audio before quoting in print.

Hey it's Paul. Welcome to the new season of Now That’s a Great Story. This time we're going deep on a single theme. The process. The process of writing specifically the process of writing a book, even more specifically, my process of writing my forthcoming book. You may be thinking like why would I want to listen to that, well, this is going to be so much more than just a sort of week by week Audio Diary.

In fact, I'm going to be strangely absent or at least maybe the better way to put it is I'm going to be an ancillary character to the episodes because the episodes, they're going to be all about what I'm learning and how that might apply to your writing. I'm hoping to share these lessons. The ones that I've learned the hard way. The ones that are all about. Man, the difficulty of researching a book, the difficulty of doing on site reporting from books, the difficulty of actually then sitting down and writing the book, I'm hoping to take all of these lessons. Again, which I've learned the hard way, so that you can learn all of them. The easy way, you can apply them to the book that you're going to write.

In the end, these lessons are going to apply not only to book authors but sort of anybody who is in the nonfiction writing space, anybody who's a long form writer; anybody who's an aspiring writer. I'm going to be pulling from what I'm doing each week to arrive at some larger teachable moment but this season of no that's a great story like the last one is going to be completely story based. I mean, to that end, I'm bringing on a co host. I'm going to bring on my wife Sonya.

Why would I do that well because she's the one that holds all the stories she's the one that remembers what it was like when I was recording my first book, she's the one who can keep me honest when I describe what it's like to report this book, she's the objective one here. She's the snide one here, she's going to be the reason that this season succeeds.

In addition to the two of us sometimes we're going to have guests on and we'll discuss aspects of their writing process, as it relates to you know putting books together, but overall just know that Sonya and I are just thrilled to be doing this because in an age where I swear like every other person has a podcast…. I don't know if anyone has attempted to do what we have in mind for you this season, which is gives you a sort of week by week blow of what it actually means to piece, a book together. So let's get to it.

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