The Saboteur in Pictures



Charles Jaigu : «Comment on devient résistant»
 Le Figaro
Robert de La Rochefoucauld raconté par Paul Kix
– Le Journal du Dimanche



Robert de La Rochefoucauld and his Resistance comrades were guided by an unspoken code of bravery.
– Christian Science Monitor



Winter 2018 Nonfiction Preview: Soccer, Sabotage, and Suzanne Valadon

All pictures provided courtesy of the de la Rochefoucauld family. 

Robert's family home is known as The Castle Pont-Chevron. It was built by Count Louis d'Harcourt in 1900. Today, it is home to his son Jean and his family. Learn more about this historic property by visiting its website.

Order The Saboteur and read about the life of Robert de la Rochefoucauld: the aristocrat who became one of France's most daring anti-Nazi commando.


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