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A few weeks ago on the podcast I mentioned how its production cycle was pulling me away from the writing I want to do. I've given it some thought and (no surprise) decided my wife's suggestion is best: Do a podcast, but do it in seasons. So this upcoming Monday will be my last episode of what I didn't even know I was calling Season One. I'll come back in a few months with somewhere between 10 and 16 episodes, all grouped around a theme. The podcast will still be called Now That's a Great Story. I'll still have on all sorts of writers and we'll still discuss a single story or even a single sequence of that story. But now I won't be on the treadmill to produce the pod week after week. I won't feel that the podcast, which was supposed to augment my writing life, is taking away from it. I won't get frustrated that I can't do well all I want to do.

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