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Now That's a Great Story
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Episode 30: A Season (One) Greeting

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Paul KiX:

Hello everyone and welcome to the programming note of an after show of Now That's a Great Story. I wanted everybody to know that I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with a podcast, and I've said this elsewhere I've said this on social media and I've said it now in the newsletter, but I wanted to say it here too. I decided to switch from a weekly format to one that will be seasonal.


So, Unknown what you just listened to the 30 or so episodes turned out to be a collection of episodes I didn't even know I was collecting and putting into a format that I'm now calling season one. And at some point in the new year, probably between... I don't want to really put a timeframe on it but at some point, this spring, I plan to come out with Season Two. and Season Two will be a little bit different than Season One.


It'll still be called Now That's a Great Story. I'll still have on writers of all sorts and we'll still discuss a single piece, or even a single sequence of the writer's favorite work. But now in Season Two and every season thereafter, we're going to group the entire episodes around a theme.


I haven't yet decided on a theme for season two, though, the ones I have; the episodes I have in the can kind of suggest something that might work, but I will release.... I don't know, 10, 12, maybe as many as 16 episodes, week by week and we'll go away for a while. And then we'll come back and we'll have Season Three and on and on and on with that season grouped around different theme.


I'm doing this because, first off I heard from a lot of you about what you like about this podcast. So thank you for that that's been incredibly helpful feedback. I doing it also because this podcast was meant to support the writing that I love to do. And I found that at certain points it began to replace it. And that's just not something t I could do or something that I'm interested in doing. Hence the seasonal approach 


Happy Holidays. Have a good new year. And I'll see you with the start of Season Two.

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